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System Updates - 2/15/00     IDSL Network Disclosure (Service availability April 17, 2000.)
Service Alerts               IDSL Presentation
Bulk Letter of Agency needs  IDSL Loop qualification and/or Ordering:  1-877-634-2725
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site                         Motorola Vanguard 65 User Guide (pdf)
Pricing, Promotion &Tariff
     MegaSubscriberPricing   Please note:  The MegaCentral host must be offering PPP over ATM for the
     MegaCentral             IDSL service.
     Tariffs                 States Affected AZ, CO, IA, ID-N, ID-S, MN, NE, OR, UT, WA
                             As of April 17, 2000, U S WEST is pleased to announce an important addition
Availability                 to
     Minnesota Capacity      the MegaBit Services product family - U S WEST MegaBit Services IDSL!
     Loop Qualification      Customers who are served by a Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) or who are farther
     2000 Central            than
     Offices                 15,000 feet from their corresponding Central Office MAY qualify for this
     State, City, MAPs,      "flavor" of
     Zips, NPA/NXX,          DSL.
     Availability by         U S WEST MegaBit Services IDSL is a dedicated permanent virtual circuit
     State                   providing "always on" connectivity and offers bi-directional speeds of up to
Product Line Information     144 Kbps.
     Demo Site               U S WEST MegaBit Services IDSL requires a dedicated telephone line so
     Program                 customers will need to have a second telephone line installed in their
     Product                 homes. Unlike
     Dscrptn (Word)          our other MegaBit Services offerings based on RADSL technology, U S WEST
     Product                 MegaBit Services  IDSL does NOT enable customers to talk and surf at the
     Dscrptn (PPnt)          same
     MegaBit 256             time on the same telephone line. There is no voice service provided with
     Select                  MegaBit IDSL.
     Data Transport
     Comparison              MegaBit Integrated Service Digital Network Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL) is
     Profit                  a new data solution that utilizes Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
     Strategies              and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Technology.
     Cable &                 The service provides a point to point private line circuit, allowing
     Business                high-speed data services, that connects a subscriber to either their
                             Corporate MegaCentral or to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Ordering & Installation
     Web Order Tool
Termination Equipment
     Cisco 675 /Intel
     Subscriber PC Rqmt
     Default 675 config
     Cisco router hdwr
     Ethernet NIC for
Repair & Maintenance
     Subscriber Repair
     MegaCentral Repair
Marketing Information
     MegaBit Demo Site
     Dial-DSL Bus. Case
     Cable vs. DSL
     MegaBit vs. dial
     ISP Mktg Program
     Sales Presentation
     MegaBit  Benefits
     ISP listing USW
ATM Technology
     ATM Virtual
     Channel maximum
     ATM disclosed
     Central Offices
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