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General Linux Information

What Is Linux?
Linux is a freely available version of unix written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers from across the Internet. Linux aims towards POSIX compliance, and has all of the features you would expect of a modern, fully-fledged unix: true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, shared, copy-on-write executables, proper memory management, and tcp/ip networking.

What is TCLUG?
The Twin Cities Linux Users Group is a group of Linux users in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area. We have monthly meetings in which we discuss various topics releated to Linux. About every 4-5 months we have an InstallFest, which allows new users to get 'a helping hand' while installing Linux. Our mailing list is full of discussions about Linux, hardware, software and everything in between. There is no fee to join the group, and our meetings are open to everyone.

Latest TCLUG News
  o Sunday August 8th, 1999
The IP Masquerading presentation from yesterday's meeting is here. I also added some IP Masq links to the bottom of this page.
  o Friday August 6th, 1999
I updated the meeting information for tomorrow's meeting and added a tenetive meeting schedule. The IP Masquerading talk will be a two-part series. Check the meeting section for more info.

Just a reminder: the meeting is at noon at the UofM tomorrow.

  o Tuesday July 28th, 1999
I revamped the web page. I always thought the old pages were bit too dark. I will have the headlines on the right working as soon as we do some upgrades, so be patient. I haven't tested this page with anything else besides Netscape and lynx, so let me know if you see any problems. Send comments or suggestions to

We would like to thank Bob Tanner and Real Time Enterprises, Inc. for sponsoring the TCLUG Web Site and Mailing List.

Questions or comments? Send them to Clay Fandre

TCLUG Meeting Information

Meeting Information
Meetings are usually held on the first Saturday of the month at noon. We've been fortunate enough to be able to use an industrial sized classroom at the University of Minnesota for past meetings, and will more than likely continue to have access to the room in the near future.

Next TCLUG Meeting
Saturday September 11th from noon until 2pm (due to the holiday weekend on the 4th)

The University of Minnesota. The room is not known at this time.

Topic: Advanced IP Masquerading, ipchains and IP port forwarding.

This will be the sencond part of a 2-part series on IP Masquerading. It will include more advanced techniques and features of IP Masquerading, like port forwarding.

IP Masquerading (also known as Network Address Translation, or NAT) is a way to allow multiple computers to share one internet address. This is great for home use when you have multiple machines that all need access to the internet.

The best parking area is the Washington Avenue parking ramp ($1.50/hour, pay as you leave unless there's a basketball game or other special event, then $5-6 as you enter). There are a few metered spots behind the Radisson that I think are free on the weekend or you can always take you chances in one of the contract lots.A good map of the area is at for an overview of the campus and for a more detailed view.

Tentetive TCLUG Meeting Schedule
August 7th - Introduction to IP Masquerading

September 11th - Advanced IP Masquerading Techniques

November 2nd - InstallFest

Mailing List

Join the mailing list for tons of execellent information and ideas. The latest news concerning the group is almost always to be found on the list first. Please don't post any job-related messages to the general list. All job posts should go to the tclug-job mailing list. (See below) Any user can subscribe/unsubscribe to the list by sending mail to:

If you don't like getting a bunch of separate e-mails, you can get the digest list. This is one e-mail with all the day's posts. Any user can subscribe/unsubscribe to the digest list by sending mail to:

There is now a TCLUG announcements mailing list. This list we be used only for announcements related to TCLUG events. No general posts please.

Interested in a job? Have a position open that needs to be filled? This list is for jobs posting related to Linux/UNIX.

You can also view the general list archives by following the link below.
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Linux Links

Slashdot - News for Nerds, Stuff that matter
Linux Daily News - Daily Linux-related News
Ext2 - The monthly web magazine for Linux Users
Linux Today - Another Linux news site
Redhat - A great all-around distribution
Mandrake - Basically RedHat optimized for Pentiums
Caldera - The perfect business solution
Debian - A very full (comes with over 2250 packages) distribution
SuSE - Another great distribution
Slackware - The only distribution for the true hacker
Freshmeat - All the latest apps
RPM Repository on - All the RPM's you could ever want
Linuxberg - All the latest apps
Linuxapps - All the latest apps
Help and Linux References
Linux Online - A great starting place for beginners - brought to you by VA Linux Systems
LinuxStart - A Linux Web Portal
JustLinux - Another Linux Web Portal
Linux Documentation Project - All the Linux info you could ever want
Linux - Review of hardware performace under Linux
X Windows - The ones who make it all possible - A central resource for all things X
Windowmaker - The look and feel of the NeXTStep interface
Enlightenment - Rasterman and Mandrake hard at work
Afterstep - A lot like WindowMaker, but different
Gnome - The GNU Network Object Model Environment
KDE - The K Desktop Environment
User Groups
UUM - Unix Users of Minnesota
SCALUG - St. Cloud Linux Users Group
FLLUX - Forest Lake Linux Users Xchange
TPLUG - Twin Ports Linux Users Group
The Linux Journal - The original Linux Magazine
Linux Magazine - More technical than the LJ
IP Masquerading
IP Masquerading Homepage - A great resource with a lot of links
IP Masquerading HOWTO - Read this to get started
PortSentry - A great portscan detector
Linux IPFW Firewall Design Tool - Helps you build your rc.firewall file

We would like to thank Bob Tanner and Real Time Enterprises, Inc. for sponsoring the TCLUG Web Site and Mailing List.

Questions or comments? Send them to Clay Fandre


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