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Well, I have always said that one danger to linux was over zealous linux advocates. Push to hard and you will push people right back to windows. I guess Microsoft loves zealots. Download this mpg and see how Ballmer gets so pumped up he actually gets emotional!

You can use gtv or mplayer to view it.

I have not seen someone get some worked up about something since my trip to the Minnesota State hockey tournament as a pee-wee.

Quick hack to get this up for TCLUG members.

CBOS 2.4.2

Extended Features of Sendmail (SMTP Auth and STARTTLS) [03-Feb-2001]
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What is Linux [03-Mar-2002]
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On 03-Jan-2001 the mailing list server was retired.

Read about how little powered the mailing list for over 2 years here.
Take the photo tour of this little box
Get your Linuxcare ISO image of the Bootable Busines Card.

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=bootable_business_card-1.2.iso image (Yaron recommendation).

CueCat Hardware Spec.

XF86Config-4 for NeoMagic 256 (Sony Vaio)


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